Mission Statement

The Berufskolleg am Wasserturm in Bocholt (Germany) aims to design an educational environment in which students can explore and develop the social, intellectual, emotional and physical dimensions of their individual personality.
At the same time our school strives to provide students with challenging learning environments that help them to bridge the gap between an individual perspective on and an intercultural understanding of the world around them.

To this end, our school strongly commits itself to the following educational guidelines:

  • We have a firm belief that a school which centers upon the idea of a democratic and caring school, will, ultimately, be able to enhance a student’s personal and interpersonal development in a way that a strong sense of ethical  responsibility, confidence in one’s own identity, a caring attitude and an open-mindedness may develop.
  • We foster the idea of intercultural understanding by providing our students with a broad choice of projects, activities and language learning that are apt to promote in our students international-mindedness and a respectful and critical appreciation of their own and other people’s cultures, beliefs and values.
  • As a commercial college we offer close collaboration to our partners in trade, industry and the community. In a mutual effort we strive to enable our students to become competent and reliable employees while, simultaneously, developing skills and attitudes that go beyond professional success and focus on the idea of an active learner who continuously develops his/her commitment to be of service to the community.
  • Our school aims to inspire a lifelong quest for learning in our students induced by teachers who regard themselves as intellectual leaders, thus empowering our students to lead meaningful and responsible individual lives within a wider global context.